Spark, Powered by Amanda Brock, is  Igniting a Movement of Young Proffesionals in Support of Women Causes 


Spark is a non-profit established in 2005, in order to empower young professionals in local communities to address social, political and economic issues that women face globally. It started off with seven women who were passionate about becoming engaged in international woman´s rights and has now grown to over 14,000 women and men around the world. Their mission is to increase the overall investment in women´s organizations around the world, while increasing the number of young people who give to women´s causes long term. Not only is Spark the largest network of millennial philanthropists in the world, but also boasts a diverse membership.

Amanda Brock, Spark´s Executive Director, has doubled the size of their network since joining the team in 2013. Under her leadership, she has worked to improve the lives of over 30,000 women and girls, and has executed 60 programs per year to educate the Spark Community. Prior to joining Spark, she worked in the advertising industry bringing years of experience in strategic communication, marketing, client management, which has impacted Spark´s overall growth.  Amanda has a unique vision that has attracted young professions to become part of the philanthropic world, cultivating a new generation of donors.

By supporting Amanda and Spark, you are not only empowering a women-run organization, you are also helping transform the lives of the thousands of women and girls around the world that rely on Spark and its members to thrive. We invite you to join Amanda in her mission to spark this innovative movement of gender lens philanthropy. 


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